3D Simulation

3D simulation of Dogger Bank

Forewind has produced a 3D computer generated simulation of the proposed Dogger Bank offshore development to help fishermen and offshore authorities better understand and visualise what it will look like once it is constructed.

Users can view different scenarios in terms of wind turbine size and layout, type of foundation used and infrastructure including accommodation platforms, collector and converter stations, and meteorological masts. Simulator users can control whether it is night or day and also what sea and weather conditions they may encounter, such as fog, haze and rough waves.

It shows how multiple wind farms within the Dogger Bank Zone would appear to an observer, to give perspective on the spaces between the different wind farms and how the boundaries would look on this scale.

Those groups interested in setting up a demonstration of the 3D system can contact Martin Goff at Forewind to make arrangements.

Or if you would like to download a copy of the .exe file (2GB) please email info@forewind.co.uk with your name, contact details and request for a username and password. Then visit the 3D simulation download page where you will find the download instructions and user guide.

It was produced by UK company, 3D Web Tech, specialists in innovative 3D computer generated graphics solutions, and a preview of the programme can be viewed below.