Dogger Bank Teesside

Dogger Bank Teesside is the collective name for all four offshore wind farms which are proposed to connect to the national grid in Teesside. After the phase one consultation for this development, a decision was made to split the applications into two - Dogger Bank Teesside A & B and Dogger Bank Teesside C & D. Documents specific to each of these two applications can be found on their relevant Downloads pages.

Dogger Bank Teesside offshore cable corridor selection report  (pdf 3 Mb)
This report explains the selection of the offshore export cable corridors for the Dogger Bank Teesside projects and summarises the relevant environmental, engineering, commercial and consenting considerations that Forewind has taken into account.
Dogger Bank Teesside community update presentation  (pdf 3 Mb)
This presentation was given to more than 20 community representatives from Redcar and Cleveland at a meeting on 24 October 2012 to update them on the progress of the Dogger Bank Teesside offshore wind development.
Dogger Bank Teesside preferred locations map (October 2012) (pdf 2 Mb)
This map shows Forewind's two preferred landfall sites, as well as the two preferred converter station sites and the proposed cable route connecting the locations for Dogger Bank Teesside.
Dogger Bank Teesside Library List (pdf 22 Kb)

This is the list of libraries and other locations to view the consultation documents.

List of locations where copies of the SoCC can also be viewed.
Statement of Community Consultation - Dogger Bank Teesside (pdf 361 Kb)

This Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) sets out how the community will be consulted on Dogger Bank Teesside.

Dogger Bank Teesside SoCC Consultation Doc (pdf 1 Mb)

This document explains the background to the Statement of Community Consultation (above).