A key part part of Forewind's Zone Appraisal and Planning process involved consultation with the groups, organisations and individuals, that is, stakeholders, likely to be affected by any developments on Dogger Bank.

Forewind began this extensive consultation with an introductory letter to around 270 stakeholders in January 2010. This was followed with a number of meetings with key statutory stakeholders and invitations to all stakeholders to attend one of three tailored workshops held in Hull, Newcastle and London. The workshop  presentations, reports, a Q&As summary, and independent facilitator overview, are all still available for download. The feedback collected at these workshops was used extensively to inform Forewind development activity, for example, the identification of Tranche A.

Stakeholder workshops were an important part of Forewind’s consultation process. From an early stage of development they provided an opportunity to present Forewind’s development objectives while determining the key interests and concerns of as many stakeholders as possible. As the zone characterisation process continued, Forewind initiated further targeted engagement activities and communications towards stakeholders - both zone-wide and project-specific - which continued throughout the development of the project.

Forewind published a Stakeholder Engagement Plan which outlined how we would manage our stakeholder engagement throughout the development consent phase.

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