3D Simulation

3D Simulation – download instructions and user guide

A 3D computer generated simulation of the proposed Dogger Bank offshore development has been produced to enable a better understanding of what it will look like once it is constructed. If you would like to download a copy of the .exe file for your own use please email info@forewind.co.uk to request a username and password. Please include your name and contact details with your request.

Recommended specifications

The file is 2GB recommended PC/Laptop specifications for download are:

Loading the model

First you will need to download and install the required runtime libraries using the following links:


Then, once you have received your username and password from Forewind, download the 3D Model and extract the zip file. Double click the .exe file to run the 3D model.

Navigating the model

Move through the model using a combination of the following keys to move and the mouse to look around:

A Left
W Forwards
D Right
S Backwards
Q Down
E Up
<Shift> Speed boost

Use the right mouse button to activate/deactivate the look around function.

The control panel and navigational icons

The user interface

Located across the top of the screen are a number of Icons which can be activated by clicking on them using the left mouse button. Some of these open a window with further selection options.

time icon Opens the Time and Day window
sea state icon Set the Sea State between 1-6 on the Douglas Sea Scale, using the
slider to the right
Weather icon Opens the Weather Control window
Turbine lights icon Toggles turbine lights on / off
Speed icon Sets the fly speed in Km per hour
Altitude icon Sets the Altitude
Bearing icon Sets the Bearing
Measure icon Opens the Measure Tools window
Map icon Toggles on /off mini-map
Object icon Opens the Add Obj window
Wind farm icon Opens the Wind Farm menu
Constraints icon Opens the Constraints window
Help icon Opens the Help window
Close icon Close the application

Note: It is advisable to close all window options before resuming flight through the model as they can cause conflicts.

Vessel Camera

To select the view from inside a beam trawler you first need to add one into the scene.

On the same menu there is a camera button. If you select that then click on a beam trawler it will take you inside the cabin.

Camera button on menu

A new menu should appear that allows you to set camera options for the vessel.

Camera options screens

NOTE: If the lights are not showing, simply turn them on and off again. Light switch

NOTE: Don’t forget to free the camera from the boat to be able to fly around the model.

NOTE: If the foundation lights are not flashing on the foundation then check that the correct foundation option is selected in the wind farm menu.

With thanks to 3d web technologies ltd for production of the simulation.