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Annual Review 2015 (pdf 2 Mb)
This is Forewind's fifth Annual Review summarising the organisation's progress and activities in the 18-month period from May 2014 until December 2015.
Application statement in support of the proposed re-alignment of HVDC and HVAC buried cables -through Wilton International (pdf 1 Mb)
Statement in support of the proposed Town and Country Planning Application to re-align the HVDC and HVAC cable route through Wilton International.
Environmental Report in Support of Proposed Re- alignment of HVAC and HVDC buried Cable Routes through Wilton International (pdf 1 Mb)
The Environmental Report prepared to support the proposed realignment of cable routes through Wilton International.
Champions for Wind - FINAL Evaluation Report, July 2015 (pdf 443 Kb)

This is the consolidated and final evaluation report for the Champions for Wind schools programme. It is based on pupil questionnaires and focus groups as well as teacher questionnaires and interviews (from 2012 - 2015). 

Fisheries Update - Issue 5, Spring 2015 (pdf 2 Mb)
This is the latest edition of Forewind's newsletter produced for the commercial fishing industry and related organisations.
Geology of Dogger Bank factsheet - April 2015 (pdf 2 Mb)
Factsheet summarising the work Forewind has facilitated to expand the geological knowlege of the Dogger Bank Zone.
Fisheries Liaison Plan for Dogger Bank Teesside A&B - updated December 2014 (pdf 623 Kb)
This final draft of the Fisheries Liaison Plan for Dogger Bank Teeside A&B was submitted into the examination for the development at Deadline VII. It incorporates comments and feedback from the examiners, Hartlepool Fishermen's Society, National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations and Dutch fisheries body, VisNed.
Notice of Compulsory Acquisition Under Section 134(7) of The Planning Act 2008 (pdf 37 Kb)
This Notice of Compulsory Acquisition Under Section 134(7) of The Planning Act 2008 will be published in the local press to notify landowners of the Dogger Bank Creyke Beck development consent order and its provisions.
General Forewind factsheet - February 2015 (pdf 316 Kb)
General overview factsheet with latest progress on the Dogger Bank developments. Updated February 2015.
HSE case study 3: An aerial approach to offshore inspections (pdf 803 Kb)
This case study details how Forewind has introduced the use of a remotely operated aerial vehicle (ROAV) to carry out bolt and structural inspections on its two Dogger Bank meteorological masts, both reducing and eliminating a number of potential risk situations. Runner-up in the RenewableUK and The Crown Estate, Renewable Energy Health and Safety Award for 2015.