Dogger Bank Teesside

Dogger Bank Teesside was named as Forewind's second stage of development of the Dogger Bank Zone. Originally planned to be four separate wind farms this stage was then divided into two separate applications - Dogger Bank Teesside A & B and Dogger Bank Teesside C & D.

The first phase of consultation - Phase one - encompassed all four proposed wind farms. The relevant consultation and background documents can be found under downloads.

The project boundaries for the two wind farms that make up Dogger Bank Teesside A & B were finalised in November 2012. A second phase of consultation was undertaken separately for this development as it became subject to its own consent. 

The boundaries for the two offshore wind farm projects making up Dogger Bank Teesside C & D were announced in mid 2013 however work was put on hold when it became apparent a consent achieved by 2016 would expire before construction work could begin. 

The rights for the seabed where Dogger Bank Teesside C&D was planned have been returned to The Crown Estate.