Events, meetings and workshops were integral to the Forewind development process. Through these events both members of the public and stakeholders could follow the progress of the development process.

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Previous events

October 2014 to January 2015

A number of open-floor and issue-specific hearings were held by the Planning Inspectorate as part of the examination process for the Dogger Bank Teesside A&B development consent order application. 

March to July 2014

The Planning Inspectorate held open-floor and issue-specific hearings as part of the examination process for the Dogger Bank Creyke Beck development consent order application. 

November 2013

A series of three public events were held as part of the Phase Two consultation for Dogger Bank Teesside A & B. These events gave more than 100 stakeholders and the general public the opportunity to view the proposals and talk to Forewind staff who were on hand to answer queries about the proposed offshore development.

May 2013

A series of six public consultation events were held in early May as part of the final stage of consultation for Dogger Bank Creyke Beck. The events were held: at the proposed landfall location near Ulrome; in venues along the cable route at Beeford and Beverley; in Cottingham near the proposed converter stations sites, and at two main town centres of Bridlington and Hull. More than 200 people visited the events and were able to review the consultation materials and feed back their responses. These responses will now be incorporated into the final development consent order application.

A series of one-to-one meetings were held with local stakeholders in Teesside to discuss the progress of the project since the initial consultation phase.

May 2012

Dogger Bank Teesside is Forewind’s second stage of development of the Dogger Bank Zone. This stage will comprise up to four wind farms, each with a maximum installed capacity of 1.2GW. They are expected to connect to the national grid in Teesside, just south of the Tees Estuary.

Phase one public consultation events for Dogger Bank Teesside were held in the local area in May 2012. Further events will be held as part of the Phase Two consultation in 2013.

December 2011

Phase One public consultation events for Dogger Bank Creyke Beck were held in the local area in early December 2011. Further events will be held as part of the Phase Two consultation in 2013.

April 2010 - Stakeholder workshops

To provide information about development objectives to stakeholders, and to ascertain their main concerns and issues, Forewind held a series of stakeholder workshops in April 2010 in Hull, Newcastle and London. These workshops provided us with an opportunity for us to engage and to start to build relationships with as many stakeholders as possible at an early stage in our development process. The workshops provided an important contribution to the Zone Appraisal Planning (ZAP) phase of the project and will inform the production of our stakeholder engagement plan. The information gathered has been used to identify stakeholder interests and concerns and support the identification of the first tranche of projects for development.

"We were delighted that so many stakeholders could attend and contribute to these workshops. Forewind is committed to engaging openly and regularly with stakeholders and these initial workshops provided us with very useful information to help structure our development strategy. We will continue to engage with stakeholders as we identify our first tranche and seek to determine where our individual projects will be located. We will follow up on the issues expressed at our workshops, and in other consultations, before forming a view on where the first projects will be located within that tranche. I would like to thank all those that were able to attend the workshops and I look forward to us working together throughout the development process.” - Gareth Lewis, Head of Development

All the presentations and reports from the workshops can be downloaded here.