Dogger Bank Creyke Beck

Dogger Bank Creyke Beck map

Dogger Bank Creyke Beck will be the first stage of development in the Dogger Bank Zone. It will have an installed capacity of up to 2.4GW and will connect into the existing Creyke Beck substation near Cottingham, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It will comprise of two offshore wind farms with an installed capacity of up to 1.2GW each. Those two wind farms are:

Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A located in the southern part of Tranche A, with a size of 515km2 and 131 kilometres from shore at its closest point.

Dogger Bank Creyke Beck B located in the western part of Tranche A, the largest in area with a size of 599km2 and also 131 kilometres from shore at its closest point.

The wind farms are part of a single development consent order and the development programme for Dogger Bank Creyke Beck is below.

Development programme
Q4 2011 First stage of statutory consultation
2011 - 2012 Environmental surveys and reporting
Q2 2013 Second stage of statutory consultation
Q3 2013 Application for development consent order submitted
Q1 2015 Consent granted
2015 onwards Pre-construction, construction and operation